Little Blessings Diaper Service (DBA 8th Street Laundry Services) started out as a new line of service for our commercial laundry accounts.

We have a Laundromat with commercial washers that have multiple wash and rinse cycles and that will heat the water in the wash bath to any temperature up to 205F. You will receive clean diapers with no fabric softener or scent. We do use a commercial soap and a small amount of bleach for germ killing in the wash cycle. The diapers will have at least 3 rinses to make sure that all soap and bleach are removed before a high heat drying. If you do not want to use our soap and bleach, we can sell you OsoCozy brand diapers at a good price and wash them as you wish with your products for the same price as we do our soap and bleach. However if your products do not get the diaper clean we will not be responsible for that. We will also wash your diapers as a Wash, Dry and Fold where you drop off and pick up when done. To see what we have available to sell to you go to this link or